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 Phd Studentships at Imperial College
 ( 14 de Enero del 2011 )

Applications are invited for a PhD Studentship in Nonautonomous Bifurcation Theory at the Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The bifurcation theory of dynamical systems which was developed in the last seventy years serves mainly as a theory for slowly (adiabatically) time-varying parameters, where the convergence to the long-term asymptotic limit is very fast in comparison to the timescale of the parameter variation. As a consequence, the classical theory does not apply to situations (often encountered in reality) where parameters change relatively rapidly and transients dominate the behaviour. Time plays an essential role in such bifurcations, which can be viewed as nonautonomous transitions. In contrast to the classical (autonomous) bifurcation theory, which deals with changes of asymptotic behaviour, these nonautonomous bifurcations manifest themself on a finite time interval. This PhD research project aims at developing mathematical insights on how to study and describe such bifurcations. Applicants should possess excellent analytical and computational skills. Applications are invited from candidates with (or who expect to gain) a first-class honours degree (or equivalent) in mathematics or a closely related discipline. The PhD studentship covers Imperial College PhD tuition fees (at the EU/UK level) and an annual (tax-free) stipend of £15,290 for the duration of four years. The PhD studentship should start on or before 1 October 2011. Applications – in the form of a Curriculum Vitae and personal statement (of no more than two pages) – should be sent by e-mail to Dr Martin Rasmussen ( The selection process will start on 15 February 2011, and thereafter the position will remain open until a successful candidate has been identified. All interested are advised to contact Dr Rasmussen before sending in a formal application.

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