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 Nuevo Workshop: Nonlinear dynamics of piece-wise smooth dynamical systems
web ( 21 de Septiembre del 2011 )

Announcement of the:

6th International Tutorial Workshop "TOPICS IN NONLINEAR DYNAMICS: NONLINEAR DYNAMICS OF PIECEWISE-SMOOTH DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS" which will be held in Urbino (Italy), on September 21-23, 2011. The workshop is co-organized by the Universita' degli Studi di Urbino 'Carlo Bo' and the Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity (SICC).

The aim of the school is to introduce participants to both introductory and advanced topics in piecewise-smooth dynamical system theory. The basic theory, analytical tools and numerical methods will be introduced through examples and applications in various areas of Engineering, Physics, Economics and Biology. The workshop is primarily oriented to PhD students, young and experienced researchers and professionals working in the broad area of engineering, mathematics, physics and applied science. The official language of the School is English.

Further information on the school can be found at

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