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 PhD position available at the University of Vienna
web ( 18 de Julio del 2013 )

The project deals with the topological and geometric description of strange attractors of Hénon-type. Although many dynamical properties of such attractors were clarified to great extent in the strongly dissipative setting, (starting with the work of Benedicks and Carleson), the topological structure of such attractors is poorly understood. A simplified version of the structure of unimodal inverse limit spaces, and these have been classified within the solution of the Ingram conjecture. Techniques from this classifications, and also further techniques from symbolic dynamics and continuum theory, are central in the current project. Candidates should have background and interest in topology (continuum theory) and/or dynamical systems (non-uniformly hyperbolic maps, symbolic dynamics). Interest in computer graphics is welcome too. The project lasts for three years (the usual period for a PhD in Austria). Knowledge of the German language is not essential. Conditions and salary are according to FWF-rules.

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