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 Maria Zambrano Grants
 ( 15 de Julio del 2021 )

The Spanish Ministry of Universities has launched one or two-year postdoctoral positions, "María Zambrano” grants, to attract international talent. The candidates should be doctors with a minimum of two years of postdoctoral experience. Information can be found at: www

Many universities in Spain offer these positions. If you want to apply to one of them, check the conditions on the university web page that you would apply to.

We notice that the deadlines are not the same in each university.

Below we provide a list of some universities offering these grants and contact persons.

  • Department of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Universitat de Girona www [Contact: Esther Barrabes (]
  • Institute for Advanced Materials and Mathematics INAMAT2 www [Contact: Jesús F. Palacián (]
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona www [Contact: Joan Torregrosa (] Note: At UAB the positions are not assigned to any group or department.
  • Universitat de Barcelona www [Contact: Laura Costa (]
  • Universidad de Oviedo
    Nodo UOV: Grupo de Sistemas Dinámicos de la Universidad de Oviedo www
    Persona de Contacto: Fátima Drubi (

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