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 i-Math DocCourse: Computational Methods in Dynamical Systems and Applications (Barcelona).
September 27 to December 22, 2010

More info ( 27 de Septiembre del 2010 )

The DocCourse is an advanced training activity aimed at young researchers. It is one among others of the formation activities organised by the Spanish network DANCE. This activity is a joint project by i-Math and IMUB that spans three months during the third trimester of 2010. During this period, the participants will attend to 8 intensive courses and several thematic seminars. They will also undertake a research project under the supervision of experts in the field.

The course aims to give an advanced formation and introduction to research topics to PhD students in Dynamics Systems and related fields, that can lead eventually to a PhD thesis. The DocCourse combines three kind of activities:

* Intensive high level courses. The aim of the courses is to present the state of the art on Computational Methods in Dynamical Systems. There are a total of 8 courses of 7.5 hours each spread on 4 weeks. The courses are ordered starting with the basic concepts and ending with the most advanced ones.

* Thematic seminars to complete the contents of the courses. These seminars will be exposition of recent research projects by their authors to show concrete applications and to illustrate the methods explained during the course.

* A supervised Research Project. The research projects will be proposed by members of the DANCE network and the participants on the DocCourse must select at least one of them. Following the philosophy of the DANCE network, we intend that no student has a project supervised by a member of the group where they belong. In this way we promote the creation of scientific collaborations between the groups on the network.

There is a limited number of grants for young researchers. They include lodging for the whole period (3 months) plus a monthly stipend for living expenses. Moreover, there are a few partial grants to only attend the courses. As a general rule, we do not cover travelling expenses. The deadline for the preregistration is April 5th.

The registration fee is 120 euros. To attend you must preregister before April 5th. The attendance is limited.

For further information, e-mail us to

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