Granada, 05 February 2007 - 09 February 2007

 Lunchs & Dinners

On the accomodation page you will find information about the Lunchs and Dinners during the winter school.
  November 14, 2006

 List of accepted participants

The list of participants can be downloaded.

On November 25th, 2006 personal notifications will be sent by e-mail informing about the financial support applications.

  November 14, 2006

 Social events

We have boeked a visit to the Alhambra and a special dinner on Wednesday afternoon. Tickets are included in the registration fee.
  November 14, 2006

 New deadlines for grants

We are currently working to improve drastically the budget of the school. In the best case, if the initiative works, we will be able to greatly improve the availability of inscription and accommodation grants, and also we will be able to offer traveling grants.
To be able to make a decision about the accepted participants and the grants with all the available information about the budget we have to POSTPONE THE CORRESPONDING DEADLINES from November 17, 2006 to November 25, 2006.
Thus the new deadline for the publication of the list of accepted participants and grants is: November 25, 2006.
We are sorry about the disturbances that this delay may cause you, but we sincerely believe that it will be of general interest for all participants.
  November 13, 2006

 Server out of order

During past weekend (November 11-12, 2006) the server was disconnected. We are sorry about the disturbances that this may cause you.
  November 12, 2006