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The Grup de Sistemes Dinàmics de la UAB (GSD-UAB) was created in 1987. The main goal of the group is the study of the dynamical systems as a qualitative and quantitative tool to understand the mathematical models of the experimental sciences. Many of these models can be formulated through continuous dynamical systems (or differential equations) and discrete dynamical systems (or iteration of applications). We intend to develop these goals putting emphasis special in the following research lines:

  • Study of families of periodic orbits and their bifurcations as well as systems of differential equations in finite dimension: 16th Hilbert Problem, centres characterisation, isochronicity, piecewise linear systems, perturbations of Hamiltonian systems...
  • Study of the integrability in differential systems: Darboux integrability in polynomial differential systems in Cn, determination of first integrals in relevant problems of the physics.
  • Celestial Mechanics: n-body problem. Families of periodic orbits, central configurations. Applications to astrodynamics.
  • Periodic structure in low dimension: Characterisation of the set of periods of self maps of compact varieties, periodic structure of difference equations of Lynnes type. Cycles and entropy for functions of graphs, rotation theory and periods of graph maps.
  • Quasiperiodically forced systems: Analytical and numerical studies about the existence of Strange Non-chaotic Attractors (SNA), "forcing" theory for quasi-periodic systems. Computation of invariant objects using "wavelets" basis.
 Armengol Gasull Embid (Coordinator)
 Lluís Alsedà i Soler
 Miquel Barcelona Poza
 Salvador Borrós Culell
 Magdalena Caubergh
 Anna Cima Mollet
 Josep Maria Cors Iglesias
 Clara Cufí
 David Juher Barrot
 Jaume Llibre Saló
 Francesc Mañosas Capellades
 José María Mondelo González
 David Rojas Pérez
 Joan Torregrosa Arús
 Jordi Villadelprat Yagüe
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