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The Grup de Sistemes Dinàmics at the UIB was created in 2002. The areas of interest of our research are dynamical systems and ordinary differential equations.
    The primary objectives which focus on research activity are: topological description of solutions (phase portrait), long-term behavior of orbits (attractors, stable and unstable manifolds) and topological changes in the structure of phase portraits when parameters vary (bifurcations or chaotic behavior). The three main lines of research of our group are:
    1. Limit cycles and center perturbations.
    2. Non-differentiable systems of ordinary differential equations.
    3. Qualitative Theory and phase portraits.
 Rafel Prohens Sastre (Coordinator)
 María Jesús Álvarez Torres
 Antoni Buades Capó
 Bartomeu Coll Vicens
 José L. Lisani Roca
 Catalina Sbert Juan
 Antonio E. Teruel Aguilar
 Catalina Vich Llompart
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