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The group investigates very diverse aspects of dynamics, both discrete and continuous. With regard to the former, we investigate, among other things, chaos in the Li-Yorke sense, periodic structure, topological as well as metric entropy, symbolic and combinatorial differentiable dynamics, triangular and antitriangular maps, omega-limit sets, time series, bifurcation theories, and difference equations. In the continuous aspect, we focus mainly on the qualitative theory of flows on surfaces, the control of chaotic escape, the search for global compact attractors in infinite dimensional systems, the creation of numerical algorithms for solving differential equations and hamiltonian mechanics.
 Víctor Jiménez López (Coordinator)
 Francisco Balibrea Gallego
 José Salvador Cánovas Peña
 Juan Luis García Guirao
 Antonio Linero Bas
 María Muñoz Guillermo
 Gabriel Soler López
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